Cement, sand and lots of trash

This is going to be a short post since the photos can speak for themselves!

It was a long and hot one, but we achieved so much today. Half the group worked on creating cement weights for our reef pods, while the other half of the group spent the afternoon doing a major beach clean up. We had plenty of helpers as you’ll see below.

The volunteers are having a blast with the kids here and I’m so proud of them for all the hard work and sweat they put into the projects today. An amazing group of people making a difference in a tiny community in need!







Jessica, Charlotte and Carlee passing bags of trash down the line 11272309_10155578048965237_1692000249_n

Tammra shoveling sand into rice bags to mix with cement for reef pods


Jordan and a new pal


That’s me! Getting some much needed help pushing that terribly heavy cart!


Charlotte and Carlee giving some cute girls a piggy back ride


About 50 bags of trash was brought to the incinerator today to be burned. ROV built this incinerator a few years ago in order to get rid of the trash on the island. It’s been a huge help in finally cleaning up the village and getting the community on board with proper trash disposal. 11311926_10155578054490237_1639604975_n

the group in action cleaning up the beach


Cody is practically a sky scraper to these kids. They wouldn’t leave him alone!

11351913_10155578053330237_172737236_n 11354921_10155578052250237_261392230_n


Our audience, before they joined in to help us


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