Hi everyone!

We have a big group of certified divers now!!

This morning, the new divers went out to do their final dive and get their certifications! The rescue divers worked on their textbooks and did some on land CPR and First Aid training with Kylie, while the advanced guys worked on covering the water catchment walls in concrete and touching up the epoxi on the coral pods.

After lunch, the advanced divers went on their last dive to become certified. The rest of us continued work on the walls of the water catchment and did a massive clean up all over the village and the beach! It was a very long day, but not too long that people were too tired to go to the beach and see some fluroplankton! This time, because we’ve had some good weather, we could actually see the plankton. It was very exciting.

Tomorrow we’ll be up bright and early to place the coral pods down in the ocean. Stay tuned for more updates!

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