Cheers to the Weekend!

Hey guys!

Samantha and I have been having a fabulous weekend! On Saturday we had a full on beach relaxation day. We started off at coconut beach, where our accommodation is, hanging out on the hammocks in the shade enjoying chocolate milkshakes. After lunch, we went for a walk to another beautiful beach called Nature beach where we continued our beach day but with a new view instead!

Nature beach relaxation view

On Sunday (Christmas Eve yay!!!!), we spent the morning playing on the beach with the local kids.

Samantha making sand castles with Boi

This afternoon, we went for an adventure kayaking through the jungle! It was a long walk to get there, but worth the beautiful views once we were on the kayak.

It was a weekend full of adventure and a bit of relaxation for Samantha and I, but we are excited to get back out in the water and go diving again! A dive on Christmas Day seems pretty cool to me!

Hope everyone is having a great holiday back home! Talk to everyone soon:)



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