Chilled Tuesday

Today was another day where we hit the ground running. All of us started work at the playground this morning raking, picking up, fixing and brick laying. We managed to lay bricks around the whole playground except one edge, which will keep the sand in and the rainwater out. We worked hard, got hot and sweaty, then almost everyone had a nap after lunch. Everyone was so comfortable and had worked so hard that we took a long lunch break.


After our siesta half of us went for an afternoon dive. Brittney, Sarah and Brittany decided to opt out while Heather, Megan and I went in. Kylie set the challenge of navigating underwater on our own (now that we are fully qualified divers we no longer need an instructor with us). The goal was to find the reef pods starting from the boat. At first the visibility was as poor as it’s been. We held hands so as not to lose each other. Megan was in the middle but I couldn’t even see Heather on her other side! Eventually we made our way out of the worst of it into clearer water and found several isolated reefs and corals. We must have been very close but we missed the pods! Never mind, next time!


Tomorrow we are planning an early dive with the hope that it will be slack tide and better visibility. There is still work to be done around the village but weather permitting we could have a big day of diving ahead of us.




P.S. Please excuse the late blog posts. The internet has been even less co-operative than usual!