Clear Skies and Island Vibes

Another beautiful day in paradise, clear skies, blue ocean, white sand beach and coconut trees.

We had another big morning of study with our volunteers finishing off their paperwork and those divers who were already certified got to get back in the water and continue with their next level of certification.

After lunch (which was absolutely delicious as always) we all headed back over to coconut beach to continue with our PADI skills. More pods needed sanding and we started applying the poxy which will allow these pods to last 200 years at the bottom of the ocean creating the largest man made coral reef in the world. Our coral reef is absolutely thriving, we have had marine biologist study our pods as they are seeing fish they haven’t seen for 50 years and we are growing hard coral which is not common for artificial reefs. It is an amazing accomplishment for ROV and all our amazing volunteers who have contributed. At the end of this season we will have almost 500 pods in the ocean.

After dinner we have started teaching the local children English, the kids absolutely love to learn and just jump on all our volunteers. You really do get to experience village life and interact with all the locals which makes this experience so much richer. Not only are we changing the world one village at a time but we actually get to live with and get to know the locals and I think that is something truly amazing and a once in a lifetime experience.

Until next time,

Jem and Rob