Completing Projects

Hi everyone! We’re coming to the end of two great weeks. We all got a lot accomplished this morning. Half of us went out to drop another third of the pods. The rest of us worked on finishing up the water catchment, putting up more of the ceiling, and doing a massive clean up all over the village, the pier, and the beach. Half way through, we switched groups so the remaining divers could drop the last 7 pods. By the time lunchtime rolled around, we were all in need of a break!

In the afternoon, we split into groups again. Our newest volunteer, Courtney, went out to do her discover dive! All she could say when she got back was how excited she was to learn how to breathe under water haha! A few open and advanced divers who didn’t dive this morning got to go out with her and show her the ropes The rest of the team continued to put the roof up and clean up the island. These aren’t the easiest tasks but you can see such a huge difference every day you work on them! Tonight we all played cards and chatted. It’s going to be a very difficult goodbye in a few days but everyone’s also excited to see their loved ones

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