Coral pods, axes, and rain – oh my!

Combining two days into one – sorry about the lack of blog post yesterday! You only get electricity for a few hours each day on the island, and my phone was lacking in charge 🙁

Tuesday and Wednesday have been great! The advanced open water guys finished all of their requirements yesterday, meaning they are technically certified as well!!! Congrats to each and every PADI certified volunteer here ☺️

We are almost finished with the roof – we’ve been mixing cement, stacking bricks, axing wood and setting up the framework of the roof! A few vols have even skipped diving to continue work on the roof – they’re so driven and excited to get stuff done!

Yesterday one diving group got to put half of the coral pods in, and they came back from the boat so happy and excited! It’s so neat to see all of the pods underwater that have been placed by volunteers in the past, and know that ours will look like that in a year or two as well.


Thursday’s goals are to finish the pods AND the roof before we head out back to the mainland on Friday… The weather isn’t supposed to be too crazy, so cross your fingers that Mother Nature stays on our side! We have been working in pouring rain every day the past few days and are lucky to have been able to find little gaps in the torrential rain to dive & work, but it would be really neat if we could enjoy the sun at least once before we take off!







Ellie & I excited for our first SCUBA dive without our dive instructor! We saw clownfish, crab graveyards, and even tried out some underwater flips!


Ryan and Dan axing a random tree… Ryan got VERY much into it!


Tom working on his wizarding powers… Watch out!

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