Coral pods down!

Hey everyone it’s Maddie, today has been super busy for everyone!

We got split into 2 groups, Group 1 went out to start putting the coral pods down to join the rest of the man made coral reef. So far there are 197 pods already down there! While they did that, Group 2 was doing a beach clean up and collecting all the plastic bottles to give to the locals to recycle!

After lunch which was super delicious as always the groups swapped roles and Group 1 went and took the rubbish to the incinerator and started to burn it. They also finished 4 or 5 more walls of the water catchment. Group 2 then went out and dropped the last 6 pods! It was amazing to see the beautiful coral that has grown on the earlier pods it really showed us exactly how effective our work has been!!

After a long afternoon diving and rubbish collecting we all took a well deserved break down to Coconut Beach where we played water games and relaxed in the afternoon sun! It’s a beautiful sunset tonight, so everyone’s heading to the dock to relax ready for some more project work tomorrow!

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