coral pods!

Hi everybody!

After a relaxing “weekend”, the volunteers jumped straight back into work today. This morning the advanced group did some knowledge review in their books then went out diving- learning how to navigate. The new divers group started one of the major projects we have here on the island- sanding the rust off the coral pods! After lunch (and a few rounds of cards as always!) the majority of the group finished up the sanding! Somehow all 12 coral pods went from orangey-brown and covered in rust to shiny silver! All in one day! Now we can put on the epoxide cover and hopefully get the pods into the ocean in the next few days! Six volunteers spent the afternoon diving. They worked on mask clearing, swimming with flippers, and breathing at the bottom. Luckily they were able to finish their section of training before the bad weather kicked up again! Everyone’s pretty tuckered (mostly just their biceps haha) so tonight we’re going to have dinner and take a relaxing walk to the beach to see the fluroplankton! Our first visit!! Everyone is really excited, including me!! I doubt the pictures will do it justice but stayed tuned for the ones that make the cut! 🙂


Sara, Marshall, Paige, Luke, Elia, Ari, Sam, Keturah, Maddie, Ashley, Emily, and Shari.


Volunteers shown above: Elia


Volunteers shown above: Sara.


Volunteers shown above: Luke.