Cultural immersion day!

Hi there!

Today was another exciting day for Samantha and I! We woke up early to seize the day, starting off with a great breakfast. Then we jumped on a tuk tuk and went off to check out our first stop of the day, the Killing Fields. The Killing Fields is always a tough place to visit, but learning about what happened in the lives of many Cambodians is a real eye opener. It allows us to understand their culture and admire the hope they have. After the visit at the Killing Fields, we then headed off to learn more about the Genocide by stopping by the S21 Jail. Both places hold sad times but creates an awareness in all.

The Killing Fields

S21 Prison

Later this evening Samantha and I went on a walking adventure! We walked along the riverside checking out book stores, shops, and even stopped to grab a bite to eat for dinner on a rooftop restaurant.

Rooftop dinner

After dinner, we walked over to the nightmarket and got delicious homemade ice cream from a coconut!

Ice cream time!

Now we’re ready for bedtime because tomorrow is our long travel day to the island!!! Next time you hear from us we’ll be relaxing on a beautiful white sand beach:)

talk soon!


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