Day 2

Day 2 on  this fantastic Island, brought whole new ball game to the table the sunrise had everyone up early and admiring.

With their first traditional Cambodian breakfast, it was munch time! The first part of the day was spent studying and taking their PADI tests and right after lunch they were able to go for their swim tests, by throwing on gear and jumping in.

After passing their swim test we learned to assemble their scuba tanks, and took a brief boat ride to the incredible coconut beach where they learned how to enter the water and certain emergency techniques and saftey tips. Right around this time is when Will and I, who spent the day playing catch up and traveling from Phenom Penh, arrived and met up with the group for my favorite part of the day, any part that involves food!


I was removed from the food on this island for only 4 days and I felt I had lost a dear friend, But now reunited and doing great! After dinner we start the daily english lesson with teacher Zachariah and teacher Christa leading the way. So I’ll let you hear it from them!


Zachariah: We were certainly thrown in the deep end (but gladly so) the with 20 or so kids all ready to learn english. Christa and I had to think fast on our feet. So we took some chances starting first off by drawing objects like trees, boats and fish and asked them what it was, of course they knew it, shouting out answers faster than we could draw. Then we tried something which didnt work at all trying to start an orchestra! With all the excitement the girls werent loud enough, over the uncontrollable boys banging on the table. So this clearly was fun but very awakeningfor the neighbours. As a result we had to change the approach, by going into a field I am very fond of Dancing! So with my portable speaker I played some salsa tunes and got them enjoying the wonderful music, this went perfectly and within no time they were spinning, double stepping triple stepping. Clearly we were just the A team however as the kids were shouting words in their local language that neither of us understood we took the last 15 minutes to ask them how to say basic phrases in their local language so by the end we all were able to attain heaps of value from the hour class. L

Christa: I’ve never had the chance to be able to travel like this before. The kids are a big part of what is making it so special for me. I’ve never experienced a language barrier but it’s extremely eye-opening. The kids were so eager to learn and so much fun to be with. They would shout the answer to what Zachariah and I attempted to draw. They were so good at it! Near the end we asked them to teach us some Khmer words so we could better communicate with them. Breaking the language barrier has to go both ways, so it was really cool learning some everyday words in Khmer. Not that we were good at it at all… They mostly just laughed at our attempts. Which was cool too… It was still so much fun, I can’t wait to do it again!

P.s.- While I’m writing this blog I’ll give everyone reading a heads up… I brought along a Barbie with me. I’m 21. No shame. She represents my sister who is back home in Canada! When she was doing her undergrad she did a semester abroad in China and I was younger then, so I made her bring along a Barbie that looked similar to me. So I’ve done the same! So consider this a warning. If you see random pics of a Barbie within the ROV blog for the next week and a bit… It’s my sister Sarah that’s chillin with us.


Shout out to my family that spread across the world! Mom & Dad in Bangkok, Thailand and my sister Sarah in Calgary, AB Canada. Love you guys & I’m thinking of ya always.

Annnnnnnddd I’m back, hope you didn’t miss me. I sit here writing this as everyone is playing pool or cards around the inn. Haoli playing soccer with the kids, inside the house because here in Camboida,…. there are no rules! Well except like to respect yourself and others and to respect the local culture, but definitely a chance unwind and let the inner child Free!

Special surprise tomorrow with a wedding taking place on the island tomorrow, so we will get a chance to see a traditional wedding!!

As always if you want me to pass on a message to your son, daughter, friend, partner, you can leave them a comment and I will be happy to pass it on!

With that I say goodnight!