Day Off!!

Hi everyone, this is Elia!

This morning, we did our best to sleep in (weeeeeeeekend!) but the crowing roosters made sure we were all up in time for breakfast.

After a couple of hours of lazing and board games and pool/billiards (in which the Aussies reigned supreme) we headed round to the tourist side of the island…

We’d been told the afternoon would be slightly less rainy than the last few days, but it absolutely BUCKETED; we emerged on the tourist beach from the boat as saturated as if we’d swum there!

After an hour of long awaited wifi we wandered up the beach and relaxed in a bungalow bar. Some filming was done (stay tuned for our group video montage!), some swims were taken, and lots of food and drinks were had! The ride home was less rainy, and we kept ourselves well entertained with silly laughing games.

We’re all excited to get back to work tomorrow- building and getting our dive certifications!



Volunteers shown above: Ari, Paige, Ashley, Jared, Luke, Shari, Keturah, Sam, Maddie, Elia, Marshall, AJ, Sara, and Emily.