Departure day and photo dump!

Today is such a wide array of emotions…today was the day I said goodbye to 16 of the most beautiful souls I’ve ever met. Over the last two weeks we have been able to accomplish so much: from building vegetable gardens to deploying coral reef pods to cultivating and shaping new friendships. I was so proud watching each of these kind souls on a daily basis, so I wanted to take a chance to tell each of you how much I appreciate you and all you’ve done! For those going on to Siem Reap, ENJOY IT SO MUCH!!! And to those going home, THANK YOU AND I hope your life is full of days that make you smile. So, here’s to each of you. And enjoy the long-overdue photo dump to take a visual journey of our time together.

Celina- Your quiet and confident demeanor is something to be admired, and watching you teach the children in the village put a smile on my face every night. Thank you for putting everything you had into them, I know they appreciated it!

Samantha- I only hope that one day I’m able to stand in front of people and be as confident, happy, and true to myself as you are. You tackled everything without concern over these two weeks, and I thank you for every bit of it 🙂

Taylor- Your beautiful voice is only surpassed by your beautiful, bubbly personality that helped spark the room on many occasions. You’re a catalyst to those around you, and I’m so glad you chose to come on this program. Thank you!

Roan- I admire everything about your free spirit and ability to make other people smile. Thank you for bringing your hard work daily, and helping us wind down the day with easy conversation and thought.

James- I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t jealous of your constant readiness, preparation, and determination. You were the rock for this group and I think I echo everyone’s feelings when I say we all felt more comfortable and confident with you around. Thanks for being you!

Jeremy- Every group has someone that doesn’t allow conversation to get dull, and that was you. Your ability to solve riddles is second to none (seriously, what’s your secret? and who’s triangle is it?). I look forward to seeing what you do in the future; thank you for being a part of this  project 🙂

Laura- I don’t think anyone stepped out of their comfort zone quite like you did, and I sincerely appreciate that! I could see you working hard each and every day, and that in and of itself is a true sign of why I’m so glad you were a part of ROV! Thank you!

Bronwen- B! Thank you for being you over these last couple of weeks! Listening to you speak about your family and loved ones made me miss home, but in the best of ways. I’ve never seen someone who was so naturally beautiful with the children. They clinged to you, and it was obvious how happy you made each other. Thank you for letting us all experience that!

Adam- Would you rather do another ROV trip or win 10 million dollars? Just kidding, I know you’d come back to Koh Rong. I’m so grateful you undertook this journey and I got to be there to see it. You constantly kept us laughing and entertained, and there isn’t much more of a compliment I could give. Thanks for everything.

Jesse- Watching you soak in every moment of your experiences was one of the coolest things for me over these two weeks. It’s so evidently clear how badly you want to see this world, and with your attitude and ability to adapt and overcome, there’s no doubt you’ll do it with tremendous ease. Thank you for showing me that!

Jing- You’re such a kind person, just your smile can ease the tension in a room. Thank you for your constant encouragement and willingness to do anything you could to help. I can honestly say that I think we’re all a little better of people for having met you- thanks for everything!

Wian- A true gentleman and class act, it was the most sincere and genuine pleasure having you on this trip. Your were one of the best workers I’ve seen and did it while constantly making sure everyone else was comfortable and enjoying themselves. This world has a special place for someone with a heart like yours, and I can’t wait to see where that takes you. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Dani- Your laid back attitude makes it easy to see how you’re such a social chameleon that gets along with everyone and anyone. The kids and animals adored you (did you ever walk past a dog without petting it?), and from what I hear, their quite good at judging character. Doesn’t surprise me in the least. Thank you for bringing that with you.

Allegra- You are so damn talented!!! The more I learned about you, the more amazed I was that someone with so many talents could remain so respectfully humble- but that was you. I don’t think there was a single topic that arrived that you couldn’t contribute to, and it was amazing seeing you open up over the two weeks. Thank you soooo much for that.

Sydney- Your ability to be so adventurous and eager to learn is truly inspiring. I enjoyed having you on this program every minute- you get along with everyone, always have something valuable to add to any given situation, and worked your BUTT off for two weeks! You were an ideal volunteer, it’s almost like you’ve done this before 😉 Thank you for coming back to us!!!!

Teagan- I’m not sure I’ve ever seen someone as laid back, friendly, and just overall as kind as you are. It’s obvious your a jack of all trades, and it was so beautiful seeing you try your hand at everything put in front of you! You were an inspiring volunteer, and I’m so happy you shared all of that with us! Thank you 🙂

Whew….that was a tough one. But enough with the sappy stuff! Here are some photos of the last two weeks 🙂 Enjoy, and as always, MUCH LOVE TO ALL! 😀


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