Deployment Day

“Today will go down in history as the day the reef pods were deployed!” (*said in astronaut countdown voice)

Thats right we did our in water marine work today! We had a full day of diving and fun! This morning we started off the day with a house clean up and rubbish disposal. We basically just tidied up our home. Then we all went up to the playground to continue the painting. We painted all the white bits last time, so this time we did all the yellow and blue bits. The enamel paint helps to stop the erosion of the wood on the playground, so its quite important. In the late morning the open water divers (Jack, Suz, Ning) went for their last skills dive. The practiced safety stops and mask removal. But Brodee and Tom went along for a fun dive as well!

After lunch we prepped all the reef pods and hauled 5 reef pods and 20 cement feet over to the pier, near the boat. We had a quick briefing with Kylie, our dive instructor. Then we were off! The current was remarkably strong… it took us 3 tries to get our buoy marker weighted enough to not float away. Then we jumped in the water and clinged to the anchor line for dear life (not really). Visibility was mediocre today, but we couldnt find the other pods due to the current.  So we just set them up next to the anchor line, and eventually we will fill in the spots between the new and old pods. Needless to say, after that adventure we were all a little pooped… so some went to the beach and others stayed at the house this evening to relax 🙂


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