Deployment DAY!

FINALLY! Weve only been waiting the entire program…We finally deployed the reef pods today! Woohoo!

10 reef pods were deployed in 2 dives with the open water divers. Each group brought the 20 cement feet and 5 reef pods down to the pier. Once in the water, the reef pods and feet were moved from the boat site to the installation side a little ways away. The dive instructors carried the pods, and the volunteers got to swim with the feet. The fun part about this is that it is essentially like ice picking your way in a glacier…you have to move one cement block at a time, forwards and let it rest on the ground in between. Kind of like horizontal climbing; pretty neat!

Our on land work today was also pretty exciting. We are starting to put the finishing touches on the water reservoir foundation. Sand was hauled into the foundation and packed down. Rocks were smoothed out and broken. And the trenches were filled in. After all that…we got to do some fun cement work! The outer and inner walls of the foundation were sealed with cement. A nice liberal coating was applied to seal in any cracks or air pockets. We are getting close…but there is still so much fun work ahead!

A little peak into our relaxing night life!

A little peak into our relaxing night life!

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