This weekend was a great time for everyone to recover and relax on the tourist side of the island. Several of us realized we were almost having reverse culture shock! Compared to our quiet nights of cards and fires and watching the stars as they poked out between the coconut trees, the tourists were unbelievably loud and out of control at times.
We managed to stuff our faces full of the luxuries of western culture, like milk, bread, burgers and even some Nutella and Vegemite while we caught some sun on the beach for Australia Day.
After we arrived back on the other side of the island we had a few people go out for some short evening dives and night swims in the bioluminescent phytoplankton, (google that, it’s incredible,) while others simply enjoyed the quiet village life and laughter of the locals as the power came on (and later went back out!)

Today we have started working hard again at full throttle! We are bound and determined to finish the water reservoir before we head back to Phnom Penh on Friday, as well as also getting the coral reef pods ready and deployed! Today we dove down and put in 4 more, and tomorrow we plan to do the same in a different location as we wrap up everybody’s diving certifications.

Until next time, keep working hard!