Diving and finishing up the coral pods!

Hi everybody!


This morning as the volunteers made their way out of bed and downstairs to breakfast, something surprised them…IT WAS SUNNY!!!! The clouds parted and we had some beautiful sky today! So, bright and early, the new divers got straight in the water. We have now finished our written exams, our confined area testing and now we’re moving onto getting our four necessary dives to get our certification!! The advanced divers got in the water today as well! About 3 or 4 more dives for them and they’ll be advanced certified. When the volunteers weren’t diving they were a part of a few different land projects. We had some people this morning grab some sand bags and do beach clean up- without even being asked! Normally tasks are assigned but these volunteers noticed they had a little extra time on their hands and took the initiative to clean up the local village! I was so impressed and proud of them. Today we also finished up sanding the pods (from what accumulated over night) and put the epoxide cover on. This will take a day or two to dry, weather permitting!

Last night we weren’t able to see the plankton unfortunately because the rain had pushed them out- same thing rain does to seahorses :(. But if we get a couple more days like today, we’re hoping Monday night the ocean will light up as we run in! I have to say it was pretty funny watching everyone get to the beach and run in with huge smiles and have nothing happen. Slightly anti climactic haha but we’re not discouraged! A couple more days and we’ll be golden. The volunteers are all eating dinner and playing cards and charades tonight which always just turns into hilarious story time with this group. I can’t believe it’s half way over already!

Also! We had a new volunteer join us tonight! Alex will start the projects and stay for three weeks to catch up on certifications. We’re all excited to have him join our group and the way this group is, I’m sure he’ll have a few new best friends by the end of the day!


Due to questionable wifi, the photos from today will not load but more are coming soon! Stay tuned!