Diving right in!

Sorry for the punny title, I couldn’t resist! Today was a great day, despite Mother Nature trying to ruin it! It was raining really hard on and off all day long. The volunteers were all still able to get in the water with tanks on their backs today!

This morning we got a tour of the village, the inn, and all the work sites for the several projects we’ll contribute to while here. Later, we split into groups- new divers and experienced divers.

Before lunch, the new divers stayed at the inn and studied their textbooks and watched some training videos. The experienced group got to jump right in and start diving. They did one of the five training dives required to get their advanced certification.

After lunch, they started on the last wall of the second water catchment Reach Out has built. These water catchments are integral to making sure everyone in the village has enough water to last them through the dry season. They were able to build the wall up almost to the final height! It looked amazing.

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Volunteers above: Shiming, Jared & AJ

The new divers went out to do some in water training- clearing masks, breathing underwater, managing equipment, and some more basics. It’s been a very exciting day and everyone got a chance to learn some new skills We’re off to a very good start here on the island.


Volunteers above: Luke, Sam, Elia, Shari & Sara