Diving Right In!

Today was our first round of work and dives! We started the morning by all working together at both the garbage depot and the water reservoir. Some hauled sand from the sand lot to the cement site near the water reservoir. While others broke up fire wood and cleaned up garbage at the garbage depot. Together we partook in a village clean up, and the advanced divers got to go out for a fun dive.


Honorable mention to Ian… who ran up and down the hill from the sand lot to the reservoir with a trolley of sand by himself!

This afternoon, all the open water divers got in for their first skill dive. The skills included purging the regulator in different ways and mask clearing. All the open water divers either shoveled and moved sand or went on their dive. The advanced divers worked at the garbage depot this afternoon, and lit a fire in the incinerator. Then we all met at the beach for some R&R!