Drift Dive!

Hello everyone!

Today was more scuba skills for Samantha and I. Our focus skill today was drift diving. Samantha, Kylie (our Dive Instructor) and I all did a scuba drop from the pier and then deployed ourselves to the bottom. Once we were under we swam to find the current and practiced controlling our bodies in a drift. It was a relaxing dive and we also got to see seahorse and many other aquatic creatures!

After our dive, Samantha and I began to assemble the brick barriers on land as a way to prepare the correct matches before we actually deploy them underwater. We moved many bricks and built three brick barriers together. Now, well easily be able to know which bricks match well together in order to make the artifial coral reef work!

Samantha in our brick barrier!

now for some rest time, it’s the weekend! Wahoo!

talk to you all tomorrow!


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