Early Arrivals

Hallelujah! I had all early arrivals today! Normally I find myself waiting at the airport till quite late at night for volunteers to arrive, but today was a real treat. My last pick up at the Phnom Penh was 6:00 PM! We arrived back at the hotel in time to meet up with everyone and head out to the night market for a quick after dinner shop. We got to stop by the palace along the way and took our first group photo.


I have an awesome group of 11 to start with, but by next weekend that number will be bumped up by 2 when I pick up a few girls coming down from the elephant sanctuary. Tomorrow we have an early start, and a full day of travelling by bus, boat and tuk tuk! Stay tuned to the blog for more photos and details of what projects we will be working on out in the Village of Koh Rong Island!!



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