Everybody is here!

Hi everyone!!

My name is Abby and I’m originally from the great state of TEXAS (woooo go Cowboys)! I moved around bit as a kid, living in Texas, Thailand, and New York. I recently graduated from Rice University in Houston, Texas with a Bachelor in Music in opera singing. I’ve been with Reach Out Volunteers for almost a year now as an Ambassador in the USA, Canada, and Australia. This included running all over campuses and giving info sessions trying to get students excited to come volunteer abroad! And now the time is finally here!!

Everyone has officially arrived in Phnom Penh! The ones who got in early this morning went to the central market to get some shopping done. Others went out to the Killing Fields to learn more about Cambodia and it’s history. We have a big week ahead of us and a big day of transport tomorrow so everyone has already hit the hay! It’s going to be a lot of work but definitely a lot of fun too. Stay tuned in to the blog to find out more details about our projects this week and all the exciting adventures we’ll have in Cambodia!!

Attention all parents, loved ones, friends, and family: please feel free to comment on the blogs! If you have a specific message for someone, let me know who the note is for and I’ll pass it on 🙂


Xx Abby







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