Everyone passed their diving tests!!

Hey guys,

it’s the ROV Admin team here. We have spoken with John who has informed us that their was a surge in the power generated last night which has effected his computer charger!

I guess there has to be a problem living out on a amazing tropical island otherwise everyone would do it…right?!  Everyone’s items are fine, it was only Johns charger that has been damaged.

For the time being, we will be calling John each day to get an update about the program, and information for you about the volunteers experience.s However until we hear back from John we won’t be able to post any photos 🙁 Sorry!

As for the days blog:
Today everyone did their 6th and final dive to pass their PADI Qualifications.

The Advanced Open Water Divers, had the opportunity to dive 25 meters (80 feet) to pass. While Laura and Jojo were down there, they got to see some amazing coral that doesn’t grow in the shallow areas on the sea floor.

Christen completed her Open Water dives whilst exploring some amazing coral reefs.

What a way to start the week!

In the afternoon the volunteers will be painting the teachers house, protecting it against the weather. Previous Reach out Volunteer group built the teachers house, so the teachers had somewhere to stay whilst they worked at the school.

To finish the day off, the villagers has just finished building a new house and for good luck they like to celebrate, so the villagers will be having a party tonight which will be a lot of fun!

Hopefully John can get his charger to work soon, fingers crossed!

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