Final day on the island

Hi everyone! Alex here. I’m one of the volunteers and I’ve been here on Koh Rong for three weeks now. It pains me to say that today marks the final day on the island and the second to last day with this amazing group of dedicated volunteers. We started off the morning by splitting off into two groups; one group was assigned to work in the local classroom and the second were making the final touches on the water catchment. We were able to completely finish installing the new ceiling in the classroom, providing a much more professional environment for the children to learn in day after day. Additionally, we mixed some fresh cement which was used to complete the rendering process on the much needed water catchment system.

Then, after our final lunch on the island together, Kylie took us out on a tour to observe the functionality of the catchment, which had been an untested work in progress for the past year and a half. In a communal sigh of relief and satisfaction, we watched as clean running water was dispersed throughout the village via a complex pipe system, all stemming from the water catchment. This was beyond rewarding, as we have learned about the struggles that the people who live here have to deal with every year due to a lack of water. On average, this village here on Koh Rong is without clean water for five months out of the year, so to be able to be a part of providing some much needed relief has been an unforgettable and rewarding experience.

Since we finished the projects that we had been working on for the past two weeks, Abby surprised us with an leisurely afternoon at Coconut beach. Some of the group went out for a final dive while others snorkeled and swam in the warm turquoise waters under the Cambodian sun for the last time. We all had an absolute blast as we shared this unforgettable bonding experience. We capped the day back at the Inn playing cards and sharing our final island meal.

Tomorrow will prove difficult as we will have to say goodbye to the friends we’ve made during our time here and these relationships will last long after our departure. Signing out for the last time from the island, Alex.


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