Finally Done Hauling Rocks!


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Peter Jowett

That’s right, you heard me! We have finally finished moving rocks to the foundation of the water reservoir! This morning we did our last few trips! Then we started to build the walls of the reservoir with bricks and cement. We mixed the cement on the ground by hand, hauled it over to the reservoir by hand, laid the bricks and cemented them…and you guessed was hand! There is really something to be gained from learning how to build things by hand. We also kept up with our village garbage clean up, garbage incineration, and fire wood collection. We were definitely busy!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The other project we had on the go today was the installation of the reef pods. The volunteers deployed the reef pods in two groups today, and 11 were installed in total. The divers loaded the pods and cement feet onto the boat and then dove with the equipment. Once they were at the bottom, the pods were stabilized with the cement feet and tiles were attached to the pods for coral growth. We cannot believe we are almost done our work projects!