First Day on Koh Rong Island

Tuesday was pretty jam packed for the majority of our volunteers. Kylie took us for a tour of the village to see all the areas needing some work. The school needs a bit of refurbishing, some bricks need to be cleaned and moved to the water catchment which also needs finishing and cleaning up. And lastly there’s the ‘big clean up’. The beach near the dock which is pretty covered in rubbish. We’ll be spending a good chunk of time here later this week.


We spent most of the morning studying up for our diving test, while advanced divers Alec, Mark, Amanda and Justin – got to head out for deeper dive to check out some of the coral pods in the area. By the afternoon, all the open water divers got to head out on the boat to practice setting up gear, using our respirators and masks correctly, and of course and impromptu swim test from our lovely instructor Kylie. The water here is so warm, you feel like you’re in a big bath tub!


We had one late arrival to the island, Lexie!! Who is a complete trooper and totally awesome! We’re all finally together
Sorry for the late blog post. I’m having trouble connecting to the Internet. I’ll try to get these up when I can!! Thanks!