Fishies finally get a new home

Today we became true marine conservationists! We woke up bright and early, enjoyed breakfast together and then did the last finishing touches on the Coral Pods. We had to check over the Epoxy we did the day before, and finish off the sanding for some extra pods we had also missed the day before. Once they were all done and ready, we started moving the cement feet to the boat. Gosh, that was a tough walk, going through the village and along the pier. Jackson and Austin even carried on a plank of wood 7 AT A TIME!
Once we had carried the equipment to the boat, Austin, Mauricio, Sofia, Sara, Lauren, Adrian and I all headed down to Coconut beach to meet the boat there and get our gear all set up. Once we were ready we were on that boat so fast and out on the Ocean. Kylie threw all the feet and coral pods overboard and him and Austin dived down first to go collect them and work out where we would place them. All of us jumped overboard and joined them a couple of minutes later. We did our buddy checks and descended six metres under the surface to start working. First we had to grab two cement feet, and walk them, while controlling our buoyancy to get to where the Coral Pods had been placed. Man, it was so incredible! We saw so many little fish checking out their new homes, even before we had even tied the cement feet to the metal structures. There was even a sea sponge right next door, and so many little clownfish!!
Once we had finished we all had a little swim over them all just to double check they were all safe and secure, and headed back to the surface to the boat. Every day we have done a new and exciting dive and learnt new skills, but today was different. Today we took those new skills we had gained, and were able to put them into action and do some amazing work under the water and really make a difference to the ecosystem here. Our group headed back for lunch to meet up with the rest of the group.
After lunch Genesis, Ian, Jackson, Connor, Alana and Rachel headed down ready to have an incredible experience as well. The visibility was a bit harder for them, but they all managed to place their coral pods down there. Rachel ended up having a little bit of an adventure over some other coral pods to find the group again after a few minutes.
I am so proud of this group and how hard they have all worked, how inventive they have been with trying to work harder, and how inspirational each and every one of this group is, and how much they ALL are going to change this world for the better! Can’t wait for tomorrow to finish deploying the rest and enjoying our last night on the island as a big family!

Ian carrying the cement feet

Connor super happy to have almost reached the boat.

Sofia, Austin and Adrian all walking back from the beach to the village.