Gettin’ Certified!

Heyo it’s yo girl Phoebe coming at you!

Today was our down and dirty day here on the island. We started off with a western style breakfast, I’m talking omelette and bread. Yeah, bread, what a treat!

Group 1 headed down to coconut beach for their final certification dive. CONGRATS GUYS. The water was really choppy so they all got to experience something other than our beautiful clear water, some even saw a little seahorse.

After lunch the groups switched roles and we set to the task of sanding down our reef pods, and that’s where things got dirty.

Black and orange, we all developed some pretty funny tan lines. Sam even managed to get a perfect dot on his nose. Cat poses were made.

Finally the groups got together to epoxy the pods, so you can guess that we all got covered in a sticky substance that was like paint/glue.

Dinner was served. A platter of potato, sweet potato, and taro chips (fries for y’all Americans). The ladies in the kitchen treated us good!

The evening was filled with activities and decorating our envelopes for some warm fuzzies so after this amazing journey ends we’ll all have something to remember each other by.

Peace out home diggities,