Gooooood morning Cambodia🌴🌴☀️

Hey all! Sorry for the late update, its been a crazy first few days on the island and we’ve been having so much FUN! We’ve compiled a bit of a recap for the last few days here.

Monday was a bright and early wake up to gobble down some banana pancakes and omelettes before heading off to Koh Rong! Our bus ride was filled with fun banter and lots of snacks before stopping for lunch to eat some more yumminess. We filled our bellies with some of the best sandwiches ever before our splishy splashy boat ride! The wet t-shirt competition was won by everyone sitting on the left side of the boat, waves galore and tons of sea spray left some of us wringing out our hair and clothes after the ride, what a BLAST that was. (Pun intended 😉

After getting settled on the island everyone was eager to see the white sand and clear water of coconut beach, so we walked over and were lucky enough to see some sparkly bioluminescence as well!!!

Tuesday was the first day of our PADI dive certification work! Some scuba videos and book work carried us over until lunch, and afterwards we got to take our first breaths underwater as scuba trainees! What a crazy first time experience for some people that was. We even saw some cool sea creatures, including an octopus, clownfish and crabs!

That night we had some rainy day games inside. A hilarious game of two truths and a lie got the whole group bonding. We found out that Parker did not in fact get hit by a car while on his skateboard, but instead hit a parked car. Sophia was also not actually nicknamed “little yacker” after throwing up on a school teacher, and Shannon really did get stranded in South America without a passport. Tuesday night finished with many more laughs before passing out before our heads could even hit the pillow.

Wednesday morning was some more scuba study for the beginners, while Sam and Mariah, our advanced divers, got to head out out with Phoebe, our Dive Master (in training) for an exciting navigation dive off of coconut beach. After lunch everyone got to jump into the water again and work on some more underwater scuba skills. We tackled an awesome beach cleanup and saved a few massive bags full of rubbish from ending up in the ocean. Free time was filled with some cute beachy photo shoots and a very interesting round of marco-polo. After our long day we enjoyed some happy hour drinks at the beach bar before grabbing dinner! Back at the inn, Elaura slayed everyone at pool, but the highlight of our evening definitely had to be our wildly intense game of ninja followed by the “Ha. Ha Ha. Ha Ha Ha” game that had everyone in tears.

Everyone (myself included) is beyond excited to see what craziness we get up to over the rest of the program, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated!

Until tomorrow,


P.S Photos to come 🙂

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