Graduation Day!




Friday was a big day for us on the island. It was on this day that everyone completed their SCUBA certification!


First the open water group (Selina, Mitch, Edward, Natasha, and Claire) went out for their final training dive. Som, our boat captain took us right over the artificial coral reef where we will be working all next week. Without any sort of marker Som is able to find the spot every time in the middle of the open water.


Dropping down on the artificial reef the Volunteers got to see exactly what the past 2 years of work here has accomplished. Over 150 reef pods made of recycled iron covered the sea floor, and on them all sorts of coral and other creature are anchored. Because the reef pods provide shelter and the coral provide food, all sort of fish also call the artificial reef home.


While they were down there taking in the site of the reef the Volly’s performed their final skills tests: controlling the decent and the 3 minute safety stop.


The advanced group (Leona, Steffy, Tazia, Jarnah, Ollie, and Ava) went out in the afternoon for the Drift dive. Also dropped off at the artificial they let the current take them.


After the dive everyone was presented with their log books and their temporary licenses (the full ones will come in the mail).


On Land we have moved into water proofing the walls of the water reservoir. We used a special cement to get the job done. It looks like we are ahead of schedule!


We celebrated this day with a Bon fire  at the beach at night! It was a night a sing along, fresh fish, and stories.




John R






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