Happy Almost New Year!!

Sorry for the bad interwebs here on the island with much struggle trying to upload photos, i’ll just be uploading the story of our adventures!!!
The last three days have been a blur, well the past 2 weeks have actually. I can’t believe how fast time went, and sharing it with all these volunteers has definitley made it special. Most of them wanted to tell the story in their own words so ill pass the laptop off and you can hear it from them!

Christa: After our relaxing weekend, we began our last week of volunteering (sad face) with our marine conservation project! Monday morning we sanded the rust off our own individual reef pods. The reef pods basically look like a dome formed by metal rods. After we got all the rust sanded off, we painted the pods with a polymer solution (basically liquid plastic) to slow the rusting process in order for the pods to last underwater longer and promote coral growth and nutrient production along the reef. Subsequently, a more productive reef is created and provides a healthy fish population for the locals in the village that have been so kind to welcome us. To wash off the morning’s hard work, we went for a dive in the afternoon. As Haoli and I are here to acheive our Advanced Diver certification, Kylie took us on our deep dive. It was… Incredible, to say the least. We went down about 22meters with the strong current whisking us along an unbelievable reef, we hardly had to spend any energy. Tuesday morning was spent working on the water encatchment and in the afternoon gang set off to deploy the pods. Today (Wednesday) we spent the morning working on the water encatchment again… Haoli and I finished the roof!! Now all the leaves and ssupport pillars and headed out for another dive this afternoon to check on the reef pods and explore the reef a bit more. Such an awesome few days! So sad thinking it’s almost over… I don’t want to leave! That being said, I can’t wait to share all my experiences with my family and friends waiting for me back home. Love you all!

Haoli: Time flies, I just realized we only had two more days on the island. At the begining of this week, we basically kept working with the enchatment. Christa and I finished off the roof project, and the brick support I built is shaping up and almost my height. We finished our dive certification this week, Christa and I now are Advanced open water certificated!! As a result, we were finally able to work with the reef pod project. We sanded the pods and made cement blocks as the land project, and then, we dove to put them in the right place . Though it had a little current with a low visibility enviroment, we still made it! We may go to the early morning dive tomorrow if the weather allows , which should be pretty fun. Last night , Eisa and I gave an English class to local kids. We tought them about numbers, and did some interesting games about numbers. I love kids here, and it makes me feel sad that i will leave soon.
Jiarui and Will: Every day is a good day on the islands.On Monday,we worked on our water catchment in the morning. Leaving our music on and chatting and laughing and watching our work gradually become better,all the hard work becomes worth while.In the afteroon,we did the last diving lesson by spending a great time with all the sea cretures and our group members in the water.Yesterday was a realllyyyyyyyyyyyy meaningful day for all of us,four of us went down into the water and put down  the pods in the water.Although it was low visibility ,we still finished the parts.Today we did an afternoon diving and kept impoved our diving skills.So lucky that I have the chance to explore the fun in diving,helping local people and meet such good friends here.
Joe: It’s hard to believe that there is only one day left on the island. On land, we have been working on supports for a watercatchment system. The rest of the time has been spent relaxing and working on our open water certification. Not only did we build reef pods and help with reef restoration, but we have also done many fun dives around different parts of the island where we have seen a huge diversity of life. Not only did we work on different skills while on these dives, but got to see a whole new world right bellow us. The food has also been really good and authentic, but after eating rice for the past two weeks, I’m kind of craving some western food… lol. The weekends were spent relaxing on some remote beaches while snorkling on the reefs off of the shore. Nights have been filled with teaching english to the local kids which has both been a fun and rewarding experice. I am very grateful that I have met so many people and have had an experience of a lifetime.
I’ll be posting a lot of pictures tomorrow when we reach the main land so until then, Happy New Year!!
As always if you want me to passs on a message to your son, daughter, freind, partner, you can eace them a comment and i will be happy to pass it on.