Happy Birthday Leona!

Hey everyone!

It’s a very special day one the island… It’s Leona’s 19th birthday! Wooooo!

For her birthday begun the final stages of out reef building. In the morning Leona and the advanced divers coated the pods in an epoxy. Yesterday the groups made the cement feet and derusted the pods in preparation for today.

While the advanced lot was at work the open group went on a bit of an adventure. Following the mental map of the scuba instructor we headed to the “Secret Reef”. After a 30 min we dropped in for the most spectacular dive yet. The secret reef was filled with anemone fields and all sort of strange fish and bottom dwellers.

In the afternoon the open water group went to work on the water catchment whilst the advanced group deployed the reef pods. Once in position Kylie (the scuba instructor) tossed the pods and their cement feet over board and we followed them. We carried the pods to their positions under the water and followed with their cement feet. We anchored the pods to the sea floor and then went on to explore the reef.

At dinner we surprised the birthday girl with a rice pudding cake! She was delighted to say the least.

At night we had a Bon fire to celebrate Leona’s birthday and Ollie’s last day on the island


John R