Happy Birthday!


9:00 AM we all boarded the boat for a treacherous ride amongst the stormy sea to the other side of Koh Rong Island – the tourist side of the island.


After a bumpy and wet 40 minute ride, we got off the boat to some dryer weather and spent our Saturday drinking smoothies and shopping!!!! A lot of us bought cool tank top souvenirs with Koh Rong graphics. After looking at all the shops along the beach, we walked allll the way to the end of the sand and through a small jungle like forest on the peninsula of this part of the island. A short path led us to an awesome ocean front restaurant surrounded by treehouse huts. It was pretty quiet there since it was all the way at the end of the beach. We all felt like we lucked out with this find, especially because of the free wifi and delicious pizza!


After getting a much needed dose of Internet and western food, half of us took a few steps out the front of the restaurant to lounge in the water and on the white sand. The rest of the volunteers rented $4 kyaks for an hour and paddled out to a small island. Once they arrived they got out and explored the pagodas (religious monuments) on the island.

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Before we boarded the boat to go back to our tiny village, I spotted Alec cuddling up with a furry friend.


After eating dinner, myself and a few others went to one of the local shops and bought a couple Cambodian Twinkie-like cakes, some Oreos and a lollipop which we brought back to the guest house and formed into a make shift cake for Jordan’s Birthday!!

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Tomorrow is Sunday, and we’re planning a short hike to a private beach before our last week of work begins. I’ll leave you all with 2 incredible sunset photos I captured after dinner. Watching the sun set at the end of the dock each night never gets old.

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PS! A few people here would like to give some shout outs to their loved ones reading this blog…..

Special hello to: Mary & Georg, Germaine, Tammy & Kenny, Cody’s cool friends, Andrew & Cheryl, Rosie & G-maw, Chris & Paul, Paula & George, Luci & Grandma, Eric, Allison, Terri, Bill, Sylvia, Carla, Mother Theresa, The Rosenberg family, and lastly Tom & Carol Lynn


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