Happy Canada Day!!

Hi everyone! Cambodia surprised us with yet another gorgeous day today.

This morning, we split into two groups. The advanced divers got to take the rescue and half of the novice divers out to lead a dive. Group 2 stayed on the island to continue burning rubbish in the incinerator and render the walls of the water catchment. We are officially one and a half walls away from finishing! It was a massive project and we’re really excited to finish it up tomorrow. After lunch, the advanced divers took the group 2 new divers and rescues out for another dive!

Others stayed behind to fill in the school floor with concrete where the tiles have cracked and do some minor touch up work on the doors and desks. In the afternoon we all piled into the boat and went out to go snorkeling, floating, playing in the water, or just sunbathing! It was the perfect way to end our day.

To celebrate Happy Canada Day we all got some delicious poutine for dinner and gave out Canadian flags to the kids on the island. It was such a fun time Tomorrow will be our last day on the island and everyone is so sad to say goodbye! These two weeks have absolutely flown by!

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