Happy happy new year!

It is certainly a happy new year here in Cambodia! To bring us all into 2015, we got to drop all the reef pods to the bottom of the ocean today. We are not only certified, but we have now helped contribute to increasing the size of the largest man made coral reef in the world. What an amazing gift these guys got to bring to the start of the new year! While we were in the water, we saw all the reef pods from previous years too. It gave us a glimpse into the future for what ours will look like in a couple years. It is already so grown in and looking great!DCIM102GOPRO


It was really fun to be able to work down at the bottom, carrying the elephant feet across the ocean floor and then connecting them to reef pods. After our work was completed, we got to goof around a bit off the boat and do some flips, dives and cannonballs (of course) into the water. When we got back, we began our celebration by watching an incredible sunset from the rocks, grabbing some fruit smoothies from down the road, followed by playing an epic game of charades and then sharing stories until midnight. I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to share this with. We only have one last day of work and play on the island, and you bet we’re going to make the best out of it! Happy new year to you all and I hope you had as much fun as we did 🙂 DCIM102GOPRO