Hello Hello

Hello Hello Hello (From the office today! Unfortunately the internet wasn’t strong enough on the island to upload the blog, so we have called Justin to find out what is happend today!)


Today we begin the day off at the school and water catchment. The others begin mixing the cement as Mitch and I begin removing the excess water and leaves to get to the bottom so we could water-proof the botoom, (this is the main water catchment that supplies the village with water, unfortunately the water is seeping through the bricks and cement, hence the waterproofing!).

Today was a nice day, all of the school kids on break stood by and helped carry the cement buckets, ahh what wonderful kids! We finish the morning all taking turns mixing, carrying, spreading and cleaning until we finish all the concrete we brought! Yipee!

The last project is to fill all the bags full of sand so they’re ready for tomorrow and then we head straight to the beach for a relaxing rinse and cool down.

Now time for lunch and afterwards we get a little free time to nap, read, or play cards until the scuba boat is ready, and when it is we carry all 20 concrete blocks down to the end of the pier with our coral pods and load them up.

There is some wind when going out to the artificial reef and a slight current so it made visibility and placing the pods and feet in one location a bit of a challenge. But the upside is what a glorious breeze we had!

Now its night time and it’s my turn to teach and I teach them a dance called the cha cha slide, popular in the states.

That so pretty much tells you how to do the dance , so I wrote down several lines and explained the dance. The first 50 minutes was learning the dance in English and the last 10 was having all the kids stand up and perform it!

The team comes back shortly after and it’s time for bed or getting g some reading in. So goodnight from us all and only 5 short days before your world changing volunteers are back in Australia!