Trading the Quiet for Internet

It’s been an incredible last few days on the island since I posted last time. A few things have happened: we all went out for a fun dive to a reef called “secret reef” that could only be accessed by lining up the mountains of the islands and guesstimating the reef location from there. After descending about 9 metres, we discovered a reef that is covered in pink sea anemones, and filled with tropical fish of every shape and color!
We also continued to finish up our work on the water catchment despite the entire village starting their celebration of Chinese New Year. Everyone in Cambodia takes 3-4 days off work to celebrate the end of the year past, honor their ancestors and do as much as they can to gain some good luck for the next year!
Last night Mrs. Tong invited everyone over to enjoy the fresh pig she had cooked for the celebrations, and which might have also been our alarm clock earlier that morning… Oops! Despite that, the food was delicious and refreshing after a hard day of work. We a wrapped up the rest of the night with a night swim in coconut bay, and singing karaoke and dancing with the locals who have the best speakers on the island, (which also woke us up the morning before hahaha!)
Today, we all grudgingly packed up our bags, said our goodbyes to the locals who were so much help to us, and began our journey back to Phnom Penh.
We’re happy to have traded some quiet for a little running water and internet, but most of us miss it again already! The bustle of the city is quite a shock after living life in a place where you can walk from once side of town to the other in 4 minutes; where people greet you with “sue sday!” and not “tuktuk!”

Needless to say, the island has a special place in our hearts that we’ll never be able to replace! Until we meet again, stay safe, help others when you can, and don’t forget to look at the big picture!

Leer hi!