HI! My name is Briana Van Dongen and I am your team leader for the Cambodia Island program! I love the island more than anything and am so excited to show you my home away from home! I actually started with Reach Out Volunteers a few years ago as a volunteer on this program. I loved it so much that I just never stopped, and now am so excited to be showing you guys the ropes!

I like to think that I am some what personable (who knows I could be totally wrong and super awkward) so please feel free to contact me or come to me with any comments, questions and concerns. I am here to make this the BEST EXPERIENCE POSSIBLE for you!

The island does not have wifi, however I will have a data stick. Regardless, with the rain, data can still be a little sticky. So, I am only able to upload one picture a day on the blog. Parents, please do not worry if you dont see a picture of your child one day, or the blog post is very short. The sticky data connection is all a part of the remote island experience 🙂