Hit the Ground Diving

Tuesday 27th May


The first order of business today was dive theory. Everyone managed to do a lot of homework despite the jetlag so we were off to a great start. The advanced divers went for their first dive which was all about identifying interesting marine life, while the new divers studied the basics and took the first of their PADI tests. After lunch the newbies went out for their first dive. Everyone completed the skills test they had to pass and went for their first swim around in scuba gear. The first step to being divers!


Back in the village the advanced divers and I started a roaring fire in the garbage incinerator and cleaned up a lot of the backed up rubbish waiting to be burnt. It was my plan to work for about an hour, easing into the work week but the team was keen to shift that garbage and put in a solid effort. I’m sure we will have the whole area cleaned up and tidy before very long! We did a final pick up of litter at the back of our accommodation. Some of the locals (who just happened to be hanging out grilling up a monitor lizard) got involved too. It’s great to see the locals taking responsibility for cleaning up. There is a very different culture of waste management here which is evident from the litter strewn everywhere. The culture is changing however and the village is continuing to improve in cleanliness and general health. The kids especially copy what we do and they will bring about a huge change over time but even the adults are positively influenced by our volunteers leading by example.


In the afternoon we chilled, played cards, played with the kids and generally soaked up island life. We watched Vollox (the school and English teacher) climb a coconut tree directly next to our accommodation and send down two big bunches of coconuts. He’s a man of many talents! We then chilled some more while slurping on coconuts, which was a happy result! We of course finished up with a trip to the beach and an evening swim.


Tomorrow more scuba study, more dives and more work! Bring on the workin’ week!




P.S. Photos coming soon.