imageOk, so it’s not the full photo dump I promised…but it’s a start! We’ve continued our work on our PADI scuba certifications, completing our water skills tests as well as finishing our final book exams (FREE AT LAST, FREE AT LAST). Starting tomorrow, we’ll head out onto the boat to get some dives in and if all stays on schedule, certifications across the board could be done as soon as Monday!

We also had a special treat today: for the first time this program, we had kids from the village come learn English from some of our wonderful volunteers. In Cambodia, teachers are seen as “second parents” so it was such an honor to have them show up, notebooks in hand, and give their full attention and respect to our volunteers. Their eagerness to learn was astounding, and I’m quite certain the volunteers had more fun than the kids did.


To wind down the day, we hiked back to the opposite side of the island, gathered firewood, and had ourselves an old-fashioned bonfire. There’s just something about the crackling wood with classic sing-along music that just makes everything seem alright. Tranquility and laughter, a key to a good nights sleep.

imageWe’ve got an early and long day ahead of us tomorrow, so it’s a final walk over the island back to the bungalows before counting sheep!

Stay tuned for the beginning of our land project- IM SO EXCITED!!!!

Much love,


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