“I don’t wanna leave”

Numerous times today that quote was heard. Everyone was just sulking about having to go. However, it’s great leaving knowing we have made memories and bonds for a lifetime. We became the best of friends, and we all know we’ll be seeing each other again one day. I caught them already making plans to meet up next year. It was one group hug after the other today and by the time the last group had to leave, it was a very tearful goodbye. This just gives us more reason to reconnect as soon as possible, and that’s so exciting! Your loved ones are on their way back to you, and cannot wait to share their stories with you. Thank you so much for following the past two weeks.

I hope you have enjoyed the blog as much as I have enjoyed this amazing group. If you want to continue to support the projects that Reach out Volunteers runs, we would greatly appreciate any contribution to the Reach Out volunteer Charity. 100% of all donations go into on-ground projects to continue to support these communities when volunteers aren’t around.

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Thank you so much for your support and you will be seeing your loved ones soon!!


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