International ROVga Day

happy International Yoga Day!!

because of my fib about Jurassic Park being filmed around here, not many believed me this morning when I let them know it was IYD… I had to google it to prove it.

we started our day off strong with so much studying!! we took quizzes over 60% of the book materials we needed to know, ACED it of course, then had a sweet tour of the village Рthis included seeing past projects of ROV: toilets at the school, fixing up the school and the sweeeeet playground, library, and water catchments. I think everyone is excited to be able to leave our own marks on this amazing island as well.

after lunch, we got to walk over to the beach and start our scuba skills!! the beach is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, guys- we are definitely in a tropical paradise. we split into groups to practice underwater skills, and when my group was sent out of the water to “keep studying”, we used pesky sandflies as an excuse to jump off the pier into the water, gaze at starfishes and the colorful boats in the distance, and… practice our ACROYOGA in celebration of IYD!! we’ve got some pretty skilled ladies on this trip, friends.


only a few of us are still awake, chuckling to card games and funky would-you-rathers (would you rather have fingers as long as legs or legs as long as fingers?), but we have to tuck into bed tomorrow for another day of working towards our PADI certs! wish us luck!



sharannasaurus rex


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