iPods for the ocean!

We created our own coral pods to add to the collection of pods dropped and secured to the bottom of the man made coral reef. Man, I said coral a lot in that sentence, but it’s the important part. To begin establishing the marine protected area, we need lots and lots more coral, which is where the pods come in. They may not play music, but they’ll certainly jazz up the ocean floor!DSC06074

Basically, we took old, rusty, metal pods in the shape of a giant half of an eggshell and sanded all the rust off of them. It sounds easy, but it took the majority of the morning to finish. Once they were all sanded, we covered them all in an epoxy which is a hardening formula to protect the pods from rusting more so they can last as long as 300 years in the sea. We also made more cement and. what we called elephant feet, which we will use to keep the pods secured at the bottom. Once dropped, these pods encourage coral growth and will start to grow coral on them soon enough. This afternoon, we went and laid more bricks to the water catchment this afternoon. The walls are coming along so nicely! DSC06071 DSC06072

Afterwards, some of us played a game of volleyball while others relaxed/read books or went to the beach. Our teaching skills were put to the test this evening where we welcomed some of the local kids to learn English. We conducted a fun game of simon says, equipped with hopping around, running, making animal noises and doing the chicken dance. It was a full day of work and play; just the way we like it! DSC06078