Is It Already Our Last Day?!

WOW its gone fast! Cant believe today is our last day hanging out in Krong Sangkat! We have had a very productive and fun program, and it will be tough to say good bye to this amazing island.

This morning we finished up our rubbish duties, and gave the house one last quick clean. Then we headed up to the playground to finish up the painting! We painted all the red and green bits, and have now completed all the painting on the playground. It is looking bright and brand new 🙂 After the painting we headed out on our last dive. Brodee and I explored Pot Head Reef, while Jack finished his qualifications, Suz and Tom went swimming, and of course Ning slept. But now we can officially say we are all qualified, and everyone has completed all qualifications for their courses, YAY!

Today we are pretty lucky and get free time this afternoon. We have worked extremely hard and have finished all the projects we set out to do 🙂 So there is a whole lot of card playing, playing with kids, taking pictures, and going to the beach going on right now.


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