Is It Friday Already?!

WOAH! This week absolutely flew! We all cant believe that our first work week is over! And despite the weather we have been rather productive πŸ™‚

This morning we did another garbage haul to the incinerator, and we picked up garbage all around our house, the wells, and the common areas. We even had some time to start sanding more reef pods before a morning dive! The current was quite strong this morning, but visibility was awesome. We all jumped in the water, then quickly clinged to the anchor line so we didnt float away. On this dive we went to the reef pod site, which I think is rather extraordinary… We saw some pods that have been installed a year ago as well as a few months ago. The growth on them is absolutely remarkable! The open water divers practised some more skills while we looked at the pods. And the advanced divers carried zip ties and attached some tiles, secured cement feet, and cut away any garbage from the pods. Holy cow did we do a lot before lunch!


This afternoon we also got schtuff done πŸ™‚ After lunch we went up to the school and worked on the bathroom doors. We finished cementing the door frames into place. We also hauled more sand to the water reservoir to prepare for next week’s cement foundation work. Then Brodee, Ning, Thomas, and Suz went on another dive to the reef pods. Brodee and Thomas (the advanced divers) attached tiles to the reef pods again. And NIng and Suz practised some more skills. Jack and I stayed back this afternoon and finished up sanding and painting the reef pods with the apoxy coating.

Im really happy with all the work we have done this past week despite the weather. Nothing has managed to get this great group of volunteers down! Although, admittedly, we are maybe a little tired now πŸ˜€ So bring on the weekend! It will be filled with some sleeping in, good food, laughs, and beach time!

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