Island arrival ! and phytoplankton ! mmm…

Early start today, everyone got onto the bus at about 7AM this morning to leave the capital and head to the island of Koh Rong. Our bus was great, it was a karaoke bus with disco lights, a microphone and fancy decorations everywhere so, breaking the ice was easy especially once everyone put some of their own national classics on the speakers. We arrived midday in S ville and jumped on the the long tail boats to begin our boat ride to the island. The passage consisted of thunder storms in the distance and warm waves brushing our faces every now and then while chatting and sleeping in the rocking waves – a real warm up to our Cambodian adventure. Everyone has been welcomed into the village, their bungalows and is now swimming with the luminescent plankton in the nights ocean – a truly spectacular thing to see.

Everyone is getting along so well and has a rich variety of experiences and perspectives that we are all excited to get to know and spend time with over the next few weeks.

Tomorrow will be dive theory, island inductions, fun, volley ball and begging to learn about SCUBA equipment assembly and operations in confined water.

We all cannot wait to be in the sea!!

many bubbles,

Rob and Jem