It’s FriYAY!! 😀🍹

Hey guys! Today was AMAAAAZZINGGG.

We blasted through the last bit of manual labour today before our weekend off! Lots of impressive shows of strength and endurance while we dug holes, collected rocks, chopped rope and mixed cement to build our POD FEET! I’ve said it all day and I’ll say it again, I am SO impressed by how hard both groups worked this morning/afternoon. While one group was working, the other was going off on their boat dive! We got to “flop” backwards off the boat and then do some more underwater exploration and training. We ate dinner on the beach and stayed afterwards to see the shimmering bioluminescence come out.

While we waited for it to get dark, everyone enjoyed some cocktails and the gorgeous beach sunset. We pulled out some cards in the sand, which eventually led to a pretty wild game of spooOooOOoooOns after we tracked down enough spoons.

Everyone is still currently enjoying Friday night with the beach and the stars and the sand before our day off tomorrow.

Can’t wait!