Friends and Family of these amazing volunteers, coming in from all over the world, we have the USA, Australia, Canada, China, and the United Emirates  represented! We will be headed down to a beautiful tropical island, the kind found only found in paradise! The gang will be learning to scuba dive everyday to place coral pods down on the ocean floor bringing in more marine life to the now protected area. Also doing land projects of finishing up a water enchantments that holds over 100,000 liters of water for the villagers year round or building a kitchen for the teachers at the school. During the week it will be full of adventure of walking to gorgeous beaches, playing volleyball, teaching, swimming through bio luminescent algae and some many other activities! But before i get ahead of myself, a little about today.   Making airport stops throughout the day and volunteers taking in the local sights and history of the country, we meet up around 6 for dinner. Set off on our walk to the night markets in search of the perfect restaurant to get our grub on and some haggling for the perfect prices.

Santa babes! Coming down a chimney near you this holiday season.20151220_203007[1]

Taking in the sights of Phenom Penh, with kids playing soccer in the open areas and street vendors galore, there is never a dull moment on the river walk. 20151220_204209[1]

So we thought this panorama would look cool with the giant lights in the background and then everyone running behind to get the royal palace also in the background……..and we were so right!!!!!20151220_181308[2]

Walking down to the night markets we saw some group dancing to great music! (zumba maybe?) and there is no way we’re passing up this opportunity!
20151220_165503[1]Last trip to the airport for the day on the way back to meet up with everybody else!!

Goodnight to all and ill be doing my best to get a daily blog up throughout the next to weeks, but getting pictures out on the island is always iffy so when ever i find my self with better service ill be sure to update a blog with pictures from throughout the week!!