Its hot hot hot!

G’day guys.
Today is hot, and I’m from Australia, so I should be loving this heat, but for the Canadians and Americans, not so much haha. Thankfully it’s our day off so we can relax and swim to our hearts content.
Brian, Tianna, Cassidy, Veronica, Nathan, Ryan, Hailey, Lexie and Cody all headed off to kayaking this morning, to start the day off with an adventure. They rode off in a truck with a few of our stray dogs running behind them. They got to float through the mangrove trees, and then played volleyball against the locals.
Kate, Flo, Katelyn, Courtney, and I all headed down to the beach in the village to get our hands dirty and do some cleaning up. It was such a great time. We had tunes blaring, dancing around, and the kids all joined us to help. We ended up hanging out and playing with them more, but we did fill six huge bags of rubbish too. The children all grabbed flowers for us, and put them all in our hair and danced around with us. The sun started getting a bit hotter so we ended up bringing the rubbish back to the house, and then started colouring in with the children with the donations the group brought with them.
The rest of the group just relaxed in the morning, had a bit of a sleep in and watched a movie.
We all regrouped for lunch, then headed to coconut beach. We all had a great swim, and chilled at on the beach, and the puppies even joined us in the water!

Flo hanging in the Hammock with the kids

Cassidy and Veronica learning new Cambodian games.

Brian teaching the children how to blow bubbles.