Its traveling Time

The day begins at 6 am and everyone meets for breakfast at the accommodation. The volunteers are going to be taking a van to a bus station where its a short bus ride down to the coast where they will catch a 2 hour ferry to the more than beautiful island where we will be spending the next two weeks. I had to stay behind in Phenom Penh to pick up another volunteer that came in late. We spent the day exploring the city, making friends, playing cards and eating dinner overlooking the river.

Now Today the volunteers would have had an opportunity to explore the village where the children most definitely swarmed them as soon as they docked the boat. Getting to walk around and check out the local hot spots for snacks and beaches. After that sitting down for dinner and immediately  starting their PADI licence book work. They are staying on the pier where the house overlooks the bay to the west lining up for the most beautiful sunsets imaginable. As soon as the lights go out you can look up and see thousands of stars. The first night is the hardest to get to sleep, with all the excitement, the bio luminescence algae under the pier, Its easy to get distracted with splashing the water and looking up at the stars.

Here are some pictures of the village to give you a little idea, and maybe some jealousy, of where we will be spending out next two weeks.

Absolutely can not wait to get down there and meet up with the group tomorrow and to update you guys with even more pictures!!

image DSC06046 IMG_0544 IMG_0546

The Island

The Island